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Small Biz Success Story

Updated: Dec 7, 2017

Commercial real estate can be daunting in Charleston South Carolina, the price per square foot is seldom justified with your annual sales numbers for small business owners. Since 2007 however, I have been helping small business owners in Charleston SC find good locations and negotiate good rental or sales rates so they can meet their goals.

Most recent sucess story started about two years ago with my introduction to the owner of a local spa previousely located on upper King Street. While 5-10 years ago this area of Charleston was a good spot for small businesses to develope a strong hold, recent development trends have made the area price prohibited for many. Her new location, pictured above checks all the boxes: walking distance for downtown clients, parking for staff, great light and plenty of square feet. Another bonus is a new potential client base in the Medical University which bosts 35,000 employees and students.


Be bold, starting over in a new location can be daunting but there are benefits to branching out.

Every business location has plusses and minusses, weigh them carefully. One of the most important aspects of lease negotiation is term, make sure that if you are in an Up and Coming Neighborhood, that you plan ahead, lots of improvements happening can mean big rent hikes, which can crush small businesses. Plan on at least a ten year term if you can get it to protect your location long enough to establish yourself.

Stun Your Clients

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Relocating is expensive, so make sure you spend wisely. Improvements to an existing facade such as a new color, landscaping and elegant sineage can set the stage for sucess and let your customers see how valuable your goods and services can be. You will also immediately impress your neighbors, who hopefully will also become your customers!

Get the word out!

Word of mouth will probably always be the best advertisement. In the beginning those words can come from you. Network with other local businesses offering neighborly incentives and discounts. Patronize them and hope that they return the favor. Always keep it positive, griping about City beaurocracy and parking challenges, while it's a common theme, can get you off track. Stay upbeat, believe in yourself, work hard and the rest is history...Good luck!

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